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The Ahnentafel report is now in beta-test. You will find the button (marked A'Tafel beta) on the Individual Profile page. Suggestions can be sent to ken@theRatzlaffs.net.

There is now a new Visitor entry point at http://GrandmaOnline.org/guest. Someone equipped with the Grandma Number for an individual can enter it there and get the Individual Profile and a few reports. No searches can be made from this point.


In the past few years, we attempted to include a photograph option. That did not go as well as hoped and was disabled. (Flickr changed their mode of operation, and a number of users decided that they didn't actually want to share.)

Good news! We are working on interfacing with another host who will watermark the photos. I hope that will make contributors more comfortable.

We implemented a way to make isolated pages available to others with whom you might want to share information. This also did not work well because it is too complicated. A new plan is being developed.

So far, GRANDMAONLINE works reasonably well with mobile devices, but your feedback would be very welcome. (ken@theratzlaffs.net) We will work at the changes as needed.

In the past, we have tried to implement some unique ways of searching. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Ken Ratzlaff, Lawrence, Kansas

Grandma's Window, V 2.5, Rev. 1; Kenneth L. Ratzlaff, Lawrence, KS, 11/2000, 11/2016
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