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What is the GRANDMA database?

The GRANDMA database (Genealogical Registry and Database of Mennonite Ancestry) contains information on over a million individuals, most of whose ancestral lines can be traced to Mennonite communities in Prussia (now Poland) and South Russia (now Ukraine). GRANDMA is produced by the California Mennonite Historical Society (CMHS).

How can GRANDMA be accessed?

This database is available for searches in two forms:

A CD-ROM can be obtained from CMHS which is updated every few years; it is compatible with "Brother's Keeper" genealogical software which can generate a large variety of reports. The current version can be purchased from CMHS

GRANDMA's Window, accessed through this website,, enables searches of the same data, but the database is updated several times a year. The GRANDMA Online site does not provide every report available through the CD-ROM version. However, GRANDMA's Window does provide some new types of searches and reports including links to subscribers' historical photographs. GRANDMA's Window is enabled by subscription from CMHS.

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