Sharing Photos through GRANDMA's Window

How to Upload   --   Selected Photos from the Collection

A photo-sharing feature has been added to GRANDMA's Window, here at Our photo-sharing method is organized in cooperation with the well-known photo-sharing site,

Flickr is free and highly regarded by all kinds of users for storing and sharing photographs. Consequently, we are letting Flickr manage the photos for GRANDMA's Window, and GRANDMA's Window will provide the interface.

Here is how it works:

  • As a user of GRANDMA's Window, you will load photos related to GRANDMA records onto (for free).

  • You will "tag" each photo with a code that will be explained later.

  • When the record for a corresponding individual is opened with GRANDMA's Window,  this web site will take a quick look on Flickr to see if there are any tagged photos. 

    If any are found, Flickr will send back a thumbnail of the image to be displayed with the rest of the individual's information.

  • If any GRANDMA's Window user is interested in seeing that photo in detail, they will click on the thumbnail, and the photo will be shown on the Flickr site.

For an example, look at the Individual record for Jacob P. Ratzlaff.  Several photos in which he appears have been loaded to Flickr and appropriately tagged.  As a result their thumbnails appear in the individual record (a replica is shown at right.  Click on that image to see a full size image or, if you are logged in, click here to see his record directly.) 

In several pictures he appears with others.  In that case, the photo will appear for everyone who was tagged.

If you were to open up Jacob's individual page, you could click on any thumbnail and see a larger view, displayed on the Flickr site.

For safety reasons, we have imposed a restriction.  We do not display photos on the pages for persons who we estimate could be alive.  (We assume they are alive if there is no record of death in GRANDMA and they appear to be less than 92 years old.)

How Can You Share Your Photos?

If you have historic photos involving individuals in the GRANDMA database that you would be willing to share, here is what you do:

  1. You must have your own account on  Some people will already have a Flickr account.  (Also, according to Flickr, if you have a Yahoo, Google, or Facebook account, you can use those credentials to log in.  For details, see instructions at Or create a new one. It's free.

  2. Make a digital copy of the photograph.  You may already have a digital copy, or you might scan the photo or have it scanned.  The resolution is totally up to you and how you would like to share it.

  3. For each person in the picture, go to the GRANDMA database and look up the individual.  Write down the GRANDMA ID number.  It follows the # sign on the first line.  (For Jacob P. Ratzlaff, it is 25715.) If you are working with an entire family, you might print off a copy of the Descendant's chart for reference.

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